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Vacation Rental Investment Homes Rarely Turn a Profit . . .


Until Now.

Bevy is Group Travel

Built, Branded, and Zoned, for the Best ROI

Looking for a real estate asset hedge that provides positive cash flow? Bevy is now taking reservations for specifically designed vacation rental homes for leisure and business groups.

Imagine a vacation home that can rival long-term real estate investment. Plus, you can enjoy it with family, friends, and colleagues. 


Only 1.49% of the Vacation Rental Market Is Homes Ranging From 6+ Bed / Bath, Yet 17% of the $85B VR Market is Made Up of Groups 7+ People. (

Demand for Business Executive Conference Rooms is Growing at 7% Per Year. (IACC)


Wyndham Research Found that 4 in 10 Vacation-Rental Guests and 86% of Non-Vacation-Rental Guests Would Be More Likely to Rent a BRANDED Vacation Rental

(Phocuswright and Wyndham)


“With the pendulum of local legislation constantly and unpredictably swinging, Bevy provides savvy investors with security in knowing their short-term rentals are legal and will remain so.”

(Michael Goldin with

Why Bevy?

Bevy creates vacation homes specifically designed for nightly rentals that are legally-zoned, nationally-branded, and franchised vacation rental communities with unparalleled amenities for owners and rental guests.


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Unparalleled Amenities

Guaranteed Income. Seriously?

Bevy Floor Plans

What makes a Bevy Floorplan different? Take a look for yourself.

The example shown here is the first story of a 9 bedroom/bathroom home, about 3,400 sq. ft. The design is built to maximize everything you need and leaves out everything you don’t.

Each floor plan has several same standard bevy features, (ie. large dining/conference room areas, en-suite bedrooms, etc.) But every location demands a specific tailoring of style and location.


Ownership Amenities

Once You Own Bevy, You’ll Never Go Back.


Purchase Process

Learn How Easy It Is In A Step-By-Step Process to Own Your Bevy Home


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