Compare Listings


Step 1 - Review All Bevy Materials

  • Have you watched the 3 minute video and read the difference between a bevy vacation rental and standard vacation rentals?
  • Have you downloaded and reviewed the 35-page brochure and download our basic home pro forma scenarios?

Step 2 - Review All Home Plans

  • Have you reviewed all the template home plans? (These are the base sets that we use before we customize the floor plans, finishes, and furniture packages for specific locations.)
  • Although not every development will have all size homes, we design home plans in 3,4,6,9, and 12 bedrooms/bathrooms.

Step 3 - Fill Out Survey

  • Have you filled out our 13-question survey? (This short survey will let you know what locations are available and which ones are coming up.
  • This survey also helps us build the locations and amenities that interest you most.

Step 4 - Connect With Associate

  • After you have filled out the survey, one of our real estate agent associates will reach out to you at your convenience. If you are ready to continue the process, the agent will help guide you through the remainder of the process.

Step 5 - Floor Plan and Location

  • One of our associates will work with you to select the floor plan that best fits your budget, needs, and rental performance choices.
  • Then our associate will work with you to review the locations that are available with their corresponding prices, amenities, and finish selections. And will help you select the exact lot on the development that you would like.

Step 6 - Design Interior and Exterior

  • After you have selected the home plan and the location with the real estate associate, you will then be contacted by our interior design team.
  • The design team will work with you to select one of two different design packages for both the interior and exterior of the home, along with two different furniture packages, giving you a truly turn-key experience.

Step 7 - Select a Builder

  • Bevy screens and works with local builders to establish pre-approved builders for you to hire and build out your home to the Bevy specifications.
  • Each development will vary from 1 to 8 builders in order to build out the development as quickly as possible, creating competitive pricing for you and the best experience for rental guests.

Step 8 - Property Management

  • Bevy screens local and national vacation rental management companies and ensures that their standards and performance history meet the Bevy standards.
  • For each development, we will have specific, recommended property management partners that will manage your property turn-key.

Step 9 - Finish

  • Furniture is installed after construction by the design team, the property management company will be marketing your property and booking and screening rental guests.
  • Bevy begins marketing your property as well through additional channels such as of event planners, hotel event marketing channels, search engine advertising, social media advertising, billboard advertising, all while tapping into the past Bevy guests.