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Bevy™ helps create vacation homes specifically designed for nightly rentals that are legally zoned, nationally branded, and franchised vacation rental communities with unparalleled amenities for owners and rental guests.

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Bevy Vacation Rental

  • Bevy is teaming up developers and existing brand-qualifying home owners to create a consistent happy experience for group travelers whether they are traveling to see the Atlantic Ocean or skiing in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Trust and loyalty programs are built both for the guests and for the home owners, with on-site staff watching over your investment and concierge services for guests.
  • 1,800 – 7,500 SQ. FT
  • Community pool and
  • Community hot tub
  • Community garden for pictures and relaxation
  • Private Hot Tub
  • Private Pool (In some homes and locations)
  • Bath in every bedroom
  • HDTV in every bedroom
  • Gourmet kitchen
  • Large gathering spaces
  • Laundry Garage & driveway
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 guest services
  • Catering Services
  • Meeting Planner Services
  • Home theater
  • Game & arcade room
  • Bevy works with some of the largest and most cutting-edge property management companies in the country, such as Vacasa, to ensure that the guest and owner can have the same standards and expectations worldwide.
  • Bevy also maintains an on-site manager to oversee to the property manager, home owner’s association, and home owners to ensure each home maintains the brand standard worldwide, keeping owners at ease about their investment.
  • Bevy takes a difference approach when marketing your home. Bevy’s preferred property management companies will use the traditional listing site marketing channels in conjunction with search engine advertising, as well as tap into their existing list of thousands of past customers.
  • Bevy also provides additional marketing in the form of event planners, hotel event marketing channels, search engine advertising, social media advertising, billboard advertising, all while tapping into the past Bevy guests.
  • With over 13 year experience in the vacation rental industry, Bevy supplies 3 different custom-built and designed turn-key packages that optimize your home to feel and look great, making a fantastic and care-free second home as well as attract guests from around the world.
  • Vacation Days + Business Travel + Life Events

Standard Vacation Rental

  • Branding is only available through property management
  • Branding of a home may be done as a one-off solution but is inconsistent for travelers visiting different locations.
  • Management is typically handled by the owner, leaving owners with the headache of booking, cleaning, marketing, vetting guests, and offering guest services. This can leave home owners tired and burning cash.
  • Home Owners can hire professional managers that are typically managing a few homes in the area, paying high fees and constantly overseeing the manager and offering no guarantee for the guests.
  • When marketing a vacation rental, owners can either market themselves or hire a management company to market for them. Either way, both at the mercy of vacation rental listing sites, and can only gain as many guests as the listing site decides they can have.
  • Also, occupancy is entirely dependent on the existing market demand for the area.
  • The homeowner determines types of furnishing and design based on their individual design taste or what an interior designer recommends, hoping that their choices will attract the greatest majority of renters, all while shopping, planning, and coordinating the purchase and installation of all the furnishings.
  • 1 Bed
  • 2 Bed
  • 3 Bed
  • 4 bed
  • Vacation Days
  • Total Year